envloop 002: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine E.P. out now!

MetaAmphetaMine, Envloop Records release 002, is a massive indie-club tunes release, again following Envloop’s philosophy to present a wide range of electronic music styles to the audience.

The Original is a hypnotic ElectroHouse/ElectroPop tune, as addictive through headphones as it is on the dancefloor.
The range of remixes goes from Mightiness´ massive drum and bass Remix over to DJ Odyssey’s Retro-Old School NYC-Breaks Rework, bringing back the early 1990’s, when House and ElectroBreaks in the style of Afrika Bambaattaa ruled the streets of New York.

Caligari’s Serbian „Midnight Scissors Remix“ will let you slip back to a time and place in the 1980’s and has a distinctive touch, as if Bela Lugosi had gone into the studio with John Carpenter.

Of course the other mixes, which bring the vibe bang up to date, are jewels of their genres. Witness Liverpool’s Kooky with his Techhouse rework, all fizzing synths, slinky bass and funky groove. Also from Liverpool, Frozen Smoke’s ElectroRmx starts minimal and rises to epic heights.

Not hard enough? Then pop into derCube’s Electro Remix or the Stereophonic vs. LSDaniel Remix! Pumping Electro-Tech and even straight Techno, these Austrian artists present their homegrown versions from their studios in the Alps.

Too hard now? Okay. German/Austrian artist Relate comes up with a smooth and chilled Dub Remix, best enjoyed on your sofa…
A perfect sensation is the MetaAmphetaMine-Remix by James Kinninmonth: It is hard to believe this talented Liverpudlian artist is only 17 years (!) old – but his Techhouse Remix is massive as if he had been into “business” since years:
No surprise: James Kininmonth as a matter of fact IS in the business since years: He already released tunes and mixes on four different international labels, and DJs since he was six years old!
We from envloop records are definitely proud having given James Kinninmonth a platform for his art – go and see by yourself.

All together “envloop002: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine E.P.” is another journey through different landscapes of the electronic music-universe.

Just as Envloop Records has always intended.

Darren Gerhold (Galaxy Radio) – „love this mix“ – Kooky’s mix
Corbin Dooley (KXCI, Arizona, US) – „ahhh…the old school break :)“ – Original
Clint Maximus (Energy FM, CA) – „Again just a killer release over all and need plenty of support. Kooky’s on full form“
Colin Peters – 5 stars – Original


Soundsamples on soundcloud plus Bonus-Mix: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine James Kinninmonth RMX for free download:

Video Trailer:

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